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Rosemary Tea as an Antiseptic

Rosemary has had a long history of use in the kitchen, but this herb has also made its way into the medicine cabinets of some homes as well. When brewed into a tea, rosemary tea is not only beneficial to ingest regularly, but it can also be used for many external benefits as well. This is because rosemary tea has antiseptic properties which can be useful for many different situations.

The Uses of an Antiseptic Tea

In the world of herbs and herbal teas there are only a few teas that can boast antiseptic properties. These teas are very useful, however and can be employed in a variety of different situations. Antiseptics are substances which can prevent microbial growth and in some instances reduce the chance of infection. Antiseptic teas such as rosemary tea, can be used as a gargle or mouthwash to promote oral hygiene. Rosemary tea can also be applied topically to minor cuts, wounds, scrapes, rashes, or bug bites to reduce chance of infection and to deter bacterial growth in the area.

Using Rosemary Tea

As stated prior, rosemary tea can be ingested or gargled as a mouthwash. For those who wish to use rosemary tea externally, prepare a cup as usual and allow it to cool. Afterwards you can use a soft clean cloth or compress to apply the rosemary tea to the area of need. Rosemary tea can be applied topically daily to help reduce chance of infection of small cuts, wounds, or bug bites. It is best to avoid drinking rosemary tea if you are pregnant until you have consulted with a doctor to ensure that it will not cause contractions.

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Rosemary tea is delicious to drink, but it is also great as an antiseptic for topical use as well.